Our Vinegars

We love shrubs! 

In fact, we're pretty darn passionate about them!   Passionate about sourcing the best (and most local) ingredients possible, passionate about our slow cold-aging process, and most importantly, passionate about bringing remarkable flavors to each and every bottle of Wild Heart Sipping Vinegar we produce.

So... what's a shrub, anyway?!  Shrubs (or sipping vinegars), have nothing to do with hedges or landscape, but they certainly do have a long and interesting history.  These quintessential beverages have been called many things over the centuries, drawing from the Arabic "sharab" or "shurb," and the Hindi "sharbat," shrubs have become synonymous with delicious and complex aromatic syrups made from fruit, herbs, and flower extracts, stirred into water, alcohol, or simply served over ice.  

From the 15th century Persia, to 17th and 18th century England, to colonial America, to today's renaissance of craft spirits and beers, the history of shrubs has permeated a wide range of global culinary communities and cultures, and inspire us to explore and share this timeless potation in a thoroughly modern context.

Shandies, sm.jpg

Effortlessly versatile as a thirst-quenching beverage, an intriguing cocktail ingredient, and an exquisite culinarian companion, our Sipping Vinegars are sure to stir your creativity from the bar to the dinner table, hydration to libation, delightful vinaigrette or reduction sauces, and more!

We hope you are as enamored (and creatively inspired!) as we are with our sipping vinegars, and would love to hear of exciting new ways you've found to enjoy and employ them.  (Pssstt.... the Pear Cardamon Rosemary is fabulous drizzled over fresh honeydew melon and blackberries, and absolutely crushes as a sauce for pulled pork!)  

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Cheers to where nutritious tastes delicous!