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WHO We Are

Wild Heart Sipping Vinegars were born at Sandstone Distillery in Tenino, WA as a complex and delicious component of the distillery's signature craft cocktails. The shrubs quickly became a customer favorite outside of libations as well, and distillery co-owner, Jenni, embarked on a quest to produce world-class vinegars that would be both delicious and nutritious.

Jenni, John & Justin, family and partners in Sandstone Distillery, have always believed in following their heart, taking grand adventures, and living life out loud and on purpose. Whether climbing mountains, crossing the Pacific in a sailboat, or jumping out of airplanes, they embrace the adventures life affords, and Wild Heart Sipping Vinegars are an extension of that adventurous spirit, both in taste and creativity.

Advised by 'experts' that cold-aging was an unnecessary waste of time and precious cold storage space, they instead followed their heart and taste buds, and found a way to harmonize and deliciously balance the disparate flavors and acidity of the shrubs. Taking their cue from the lessons learned in slow aging spirits, they found that slow aging shrubs at low temperature allowed them to reach the perfect equilibrium between the tangy apple cider vinegar, rich fresh fruits and juices, and savory herbs and spices.  And Wild Heart Sipping Vinegars were born. (https://squareup.com/store/oh-shrubs-llc/)

Still hugely popular at Sandstone's Tasting Room, Oh!Shrubs crafts not only their core sipping vinegars, but also unique seasonal offerings with fruits and herbs grown on and around the Sandstone Distillery farm.  These seasonal micro batches are only available through the Tasting Room or by special order. Follow our Facebook page or join our email list to find out about upcoming micro-batches and to reserve your bottle of tasty varietals like cold-pressed Blackberry Sage and Marionberry Mint!